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Re: [Public WebGL] Buffer size and viewport

While it is unfortunately necessary to create a minimum 1x1 native surface in order to use FBO's, you only need one context. This is true at least with EGL/OpenGL ES. I'm not very familiar with WGL.



Note that this is currently not implemented in Firefox, as we create a new pbuffer context for each resize thus losing all previous GL resources.  We correctly track that now and throw errors when you try to use them in the future -- this is why things like MeShade don't work.  We'll likely switch soon to using FBOs for backbuffer rendering -- the main reason I'm not a fan of that is that it requires you to share resources with a parent GL context that's rendering to the screen, which means you don't get nice cleanup semantics by just destroying a GL context.  You have to make sure you delete all objects; I also worry about fragmentation issues with very long lived GL contexts (such as the parent context), with many contexts being created/destroyed that share resources with it... but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

    - Vlad
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