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Re: [Public WebGL] Buffer size and viewport

Vladimir Vukicevic wrote:

Note that this is currently not implemented in Firefox, as we create a new pbuffer context for each resize thus losing all previous GL resources.
Not being awkward, and for clarification, you are saying that you think the spec *does* require you to not destroy the context but currently Firefox does. My comment to Ken was that I couldn't see where the spec. explicitly requires that on resize the context is NOT lost.


 We correctly track that now and throw errors when you try to use them in the future -- this is why things like MeShade don't work.  We'll likely switch soon to using FBOs for backbuffer rendering -- the main reason I'm not a fan of that is that it requires you to share resources with a parent GL context that's rendering to the screen, which means you don't get nice cleanup semantics by just destroying a GL context.  You have to make sure you delete all objects; I also worry about fragmentation issues with very long lived GL contexts (such as the parent context), with many contexts being created/destroyed that share resources with it... but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

    - Vlad

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