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Re: [Public WebGL] Slowdowns & lockups in Firefox/Minefield.

Ilmari Heikkinen wrote:
> Steve Baker <steve@sjbaker.org> kirjoitti 4.6.2010 kello 8.07:
>> Forgive me if you guys already know this - but my (increasingly hefty)
>> application seems to only run a half dozen times (assuming I keep
>> hitting 'Reload') before Firefox's frame rate slows down dramatically
>> (like one frame every two seconds) - or perhaps locks up completely.  It
>> kinda feels like maybe some resources  are not being free'd up...but
>> that's just a guess.  Killing and restarting the browser reliably
>> fixes it.
>> This is with:  Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv:1.9.3a5pre)
>> Gecko/20100509 Minefield/3.7a5pre
>> I presume we don't expect the application to do any specific
>> cleanup...I'm not currently doing anything like that.
>>  -- Steve
> Firefox was at one point doing GL context destruction at garbage
> collection time (instead of document unload). If it's still doing
> that, the context and the resources allocated by it are only freed
> after doing some thirty megabytes of JS allocation. In that case, if
> you have a large canvas and don't allocate much, you might run out of
> GPU resources before triggering GC. But I don't know too well how the
> latest builds do things, so I might well be wrong.
> Ilmari
I have an 800x600 canvas (Is that "large"?! It's hard to recalibate my
brain to thinking about web-based 3D!). I'm deliberately fighting to
avoid dynamic allocations in my mainloop in an effort to minimize
garbage collection randomly jumping in and killing my
frame-rate...although I do a fair amount of allocation on load.  So I
suppose this could explain the symptoms.

I'll try tossing in some gratuitous allocations and see if that fixes
it.   Thanks!

  -- Steve

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