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[Public WebGL] Framebuffer attachment point

In WebGL spec section 6.2, when internal format of a renderbuffer does
not match the attachment point, an INVALID_OPERATION error is

In the same spirit, shouldn't we generate the same INVALID_OPERATION
for framebufferTexImage2D when the attachment is STENCIL or DEPTH?  In
GLES, we don't have a way to generate non color textures.

Also, is it really necessary that we check internal format of
renderbuffer/texture when attaching it to a framebuffer?  This
dictates we has to call texImage2D or renderbufferStorage before
attaching.   Shouldn't we just follow GLES and allow the mismatch?  So
we can attach and later change the internalformat of
renderbuffer/texture and make the framebuffer complete.
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