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[Public WebGL] a proposal to sort error codes discussions


In order to write conformance tests checking error codes, we must agree precisely on what error codes to produce in every circumstance. Here's a proposal to sort this once and for all.

In every WebGL function, let's use the following logic:
    1. first check for INVALID_ENUM
    2. then check for INVALID_VALUE. Only raise that error if some parameter value is *absolutely* wrong in itself, regardless of other parameters, and regardless of the state.
    3. finally, check for INVALID_OPERATION.

Adopting such a clear hierarchy between these 3 error codes, will allow to sort out all the ambiguous situations where more than one of these errors could legitimately be produced.

Here's a quick rationalization. INVALID_ENUM and INVALID_VALUE mean that a parameter value is absolutely, intrinsically wrong in itself, so they are the most directly useful errors, so they are prioritized over INVALID_OPERATION, which means that parameter values are relatively wrong (relatively to each other or to the state). Between INVALID_ENUM and INVALID_VALUE, let's prioritize INVALID_ENUM, since the GLenum parameters are typically passed compile-time constants.

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