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[Public WebGL] Compressed textures.

I guess we're more or less limited on texture file types to the set that
JavaScript generally supports: GIF/PNG/JPG ?  Since GIF and JPG are
totally hopeless as texture formats and PNG's compression isn't
agressive enough because it's not lossy, it would be truly spectacularly
handy if WebGL could also support some kind of compressed format - DDS
would be best.  (Although it's a bit 'microsofty/D3D-ish' - it's
actually a REALLY good  format for textures with tons of support out
there and a 1:1 mapping to the underlying hardware).

Given that we'd like to run on low-end hardware, and even on high end
stuff, the transmission time from the server is not insignificant -
also, we don't want to use JavaScript to do compression on-the-fly.


  -- Steve

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