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Re: [Public WebGL] Chromium/Firefox handling of FloatArray

Vladimir Vukicevic wrote:

----- "Alan Chaney" <alan@mechnicality.com> wrote:

    This code works fine on Chromium 6.0.408.1.dev (which claims to be
    up to
    date) but fails on Firefox 3.7a5pre.
    The Error console says: "$wnd.FloatArray is not a constructor."

    Since the code is based on the current WebGL spec + the TypedArray
    I assume that Chromium is getting it right? Or
    what am I doing wrong?

Hmm, whoops -- these are called Float32Array and Float64Array in Firefox, but it looks like I missed updating those names in the original Typed Array draft spec. I believe that you can temporarily use WebGLFloatArray and have things work in both.

Sadly, no. There's still a problem. It doesn't seem to be recognizing WebGLFloatArray either, just in a slightly different way. I can send you more details if you like, but I should probably do it off list. Email me at above if you want them - I can send you the code generated by GWT and you can examine it in more detail.



I need to check with Ken and others if there's any strong preference for naming here -- the Float -> Float32, Double -> Float64 change happened based on feedback that it's more consistent with Int8/Uint8 etc., and that it makes it more natural to extend to Float128 and possibly Float16 in the future.

    - Vlad


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