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Re: [Public WebGL] WebGL performance...seems like I have no hardware acceleration?!?

On May 26, 2010, at 7:18 PM, Steve Baker wrote:

> I've been thinking about porting some of my old OpenGL games over to
> WebGL - and sticking them on my website for free to help to promote
> WebGL (which is a noble and important cause!) and I'm seeing some weird
> performance issues.  (I've been an OpenGL programmer since it was
> pronounced "IrisGL" - and I work in the games industry as a senior
> graphics programmer - so I'm not entirely clueless).
> Now, I expect JavaScript to be slow - but we're using a real, hardware
> graphics card - right? - so my expectation would be that if I push as
> much functionality onto the GPU as possible and keep things simple on
> the CPU/JavaScript side, I should be able to get decent frame rates.
> To test, I wrote a really minimal application - it sets up matrices, it
> clears the screen and renders a few simple objects and uses
> setTimeout("draw()",1) to try to get the best framerate I can.  I'm
> getting like 10Hz. :-(
> Since I don't know whether my JavaScript is somehow doing something
> nasty, I tossed out all of the 3D rendering and did nothing but clear
> the screen.  Doing this test at a number of different canvas sizes, I get:
> 1280x1024: 15Hz.
> 800x600 : 35Hz.
> 200x200 : 90Hz.
> 100x100 : 180Hz.
>   8x8   : 180Hz.
> Commenting out the clear-screen and doing no OpenGL calls at all in my
> main loop still gets me 180Hz - so I guess I'm CPU-limited at that frame
> rate.

Can you post a sample so I can try it in Safari? Maybe we can also see where the bottlenecks are. I agree 15 Hz is shocking for a simple scene. The Many Spheres Deep demo on the site renders over 100,000 triangles per scene in 64 objects and it easily makes 60fps on my Macbook Pro.


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