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[Public WebGL] DOMException

It seems that following the earlier discussions about DOMException this has now been removed from the spec. Ironically, it was there yesterday and I was just about to work out what to do with it and lo and behold my problem is solved! Its not longer there... :-)

The corollary of this is that I assume that all "GL" error checking should be done with the time-honored gl.getError() call.

This implies a guarantee that if a call to WebGL function fails because of an underlying state issue (for example, if you try to use a program which hasn't been linked) then any subsequent WebGL calls will always return without updating the error state? Is this a fair assumption?

There is still one reference to DOMException in the WebGL spec in sec. 5.1 Types as a typedef. A bit pedantically I'm wondering whether that was overlooked, or whether it is still possible that DOMException will find its way back into the body of the spec.



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