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[Public WebGL] JS library for streaming tar archives

This might be useful for people wanting to deploy packs of content,
wrote a small JS library for parsing tar archives (and streaming them
with XMLHttpRequest):

And a demo that streams images from a 1MB tarball:


Currently I'm seeing something like 10 MB/s for turning a pack of
dataURL images into img tags. Raw images drop that to 1.5 MB/s,
because they need to be stripped of high bytes and base64-encoded. My
high-byte stripping is a bit slow though, so it can probably be
improved. Parsing model data might be in the 1 MB/s neighbourhood as
well (if you're using something like OBJ). Anyone want to try loading
a 100 MB scene (:?

I guess the File and Blob APIs can make the image loading and data
parsing more efficient. At least if you can turn a subrange of a blob
into a new blob and efficiently load blobs as images.

Ilmari Heikkinen
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