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Re: [Public WebGL] Move flipY and asPremultipliedAlpha parameters out of DOM helpers

On May 19, 2010, at 7:41 PM, Cedric Vivier wrote:

> On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 10:03, Kenneth Russell <kbr@google.com> wrote:
>> I am objecting to both. First, the overloading of texParameteri has
>> very poor implications as I've already pointed out.
> Those implications are only consequence of the supposed requirement
> that changing a texture parameter value must have an immediate effect,
> without that assumption it is just similar to state bit it as Gregg
> pointed out.

As I pointed out in my previous post, I think adding a general purpose image converter to WebGL would be a really bad idea. It gets WebGL further from OpenGL ES, which is something we are trying to avoid at all costs. What we need is a bridge between what HTML is able to supply and what WebGL needs. That's why the conversion should be specific to the functions that take the HTML specific data types.
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