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[Public WebGL] WebGL and TypedArray spec refactoring and updates


Per our recent discussions, the WebGL spec has finally been updated to
refer to the TypedArray spec. The definitions of WebGLArrayBuffer and
all of the WebGLArray types have been removed from the spec as well as
webgl.idl. References to WebGLArray now point to ArrayBufferView.

The following additional updates have been made to the specs:
 - Clarified the value conversion rules in the TypedArray spec to
refer to Web IDL's conversion rules, which are the desired ones for
high performance. This was the last outstanding to-do item in the
TypedArray spec.
 - Updated generateTOC.js to allow symbolic names (<a name="...">) to
be used in section headings. Changed all references to section numbers
to symbolic ones.
 - Renamed DataArray in the TypedArray spec to DataView, because this
view is not an array. Removed the Int64/Uint64 methods from this view
since these values are not representable in ECMAScript.

Please review the following sections of the WebGL spec:

Please send feedback to the list. In particular, I think more
expository text in section 5.13 would be helpful, though I hesitate to
put descriptive text in a normative section.

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