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Re: [Public WebGL] Feature proposal for TypedArrays

On 5/12/2010 2:08 PM, Kenneth Russell wrote:
Bringing an implementation of a half-float TypedArray to performance
parity with the other array types is much more than an hour or two of

I anticipate that the same people driving the WebGL spec will end up
driving the TypedArray spec, so I think that future changes to that
spec will not take significantly more time than changes to WebGL
(which will be required anyway to make use of the new half-float

I agree here -- and as has been pointed out, for the common use case (transmitting pre-computed data in float16 and loading it into WebGL), that's still possible... or will be once WebGL supports half float data. What's not possible is runtime computation using Float16 types or arrays, and I don't think that we want to support that any time soon since it'll be a performance trap waiting to happen. If someone wants to do it and doesn't care about the performance, they can write the float16 to float32/float64 conversion themselves in js already as well.

    - Vlad

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