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Re: [Public WebGL] Feature proposal for TypedArrays

On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 9:34 PM, Mark Callow <callow_mark@hicorp.co.jp> wrote:
> On 11/05/2010 07:54, Kenneth Russell wrote:
>>> On 5/10/2010 9:49 AM, Chris Marrin wrote:
>>>> But fp32 and fp64 are supported in compilers and hardware FPUs. I don't
>>>> know of any CPU's that support fp16 natively. So full support would require
>>>> conversion to and from a support FP format. I don't think it's worth doing
>>>> that at this point.
>>> ...
>> I think it would be a good idea to eventually support the "half" data
>> type, but currently there are no planned WebGL extensions that would
>> use it. The additional cost is significantly higher than for the other
>> existing data types because most CPUs do not support this format
>> natively.
> Yeah, right. Our compiled .obj files i.e. complete with symbols, for
> full fp16 support on an ARMv5 processor, total a whopping 7.6 kbytes, a
> really significant cost when it takes 300Mbytes+ to simply log into
> WindowsXP.
> Seriously, lack of h/w support is not a reason to reject supporting
> fp16. The code is small and performance on a 1GHz CPU is pretty good.

There are many high priority tasks that need to be completed in order
to get WebGL in shippable condition. Adding a new TypedArray variant
that can not even be utilized by the current APIs does not seem to me
like a good use of development time at the moment.

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