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[Public WebGL] Feature proposal for TypedArrays

Hi all,


I’d like to propose a new feature for TypedArrays, namely support for the ‘half’ datatype, also known as fp16.


Although the half datatype is not strictly required for core WebGL, there are several widely deployed OES extensions that do require it; see http://www.khronos.org/registry/gles/. It’s also universally supported on desktop GPUs (required by OpenGL 3.0 and later), and part of the IEEE 754-2008 standard. And of course, it’s immensely useful in saving memory space and bandwidth in cases where fp32 precision and range would be overkill.


I believe the extra effort to support fp16 in TypedArrays would be minimal, considering that FP32 and FP64 are already supported.


Best regards,



PS. If this is not an appropriate forum for discussing TypedArrays, then please do advise where to find one. There were no pointers in the TypedArray spec as of May 6.


Tomi Aarnio

Nokia Research