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[Public WebGL] NPOT texture rules in WebGL

WebGL and OpenGL ES 2.0 have different rules for handling
non-power-of-two (NPOT) textures than desktop GL. Thanks to Gregg
Tavares, Chromium's WebGL code recently switched to use a library
which emulates OpenGL ES 2.0 semantics. The new library strictly
enforces things like enum checking and NPOT texture rules.

We found that several WebGL samples broke because the OpenGL ES 2.0
NPOT restrictions were being enforced. It seems clear that WebGL
developers are used to the semantics of desktop GL and are not
familiar with the restrictions defined in OpenGL ES 2.0. For this
reason it seems important to clearly and prominently document this
difference, as well as others which arise as WebGL implementations
become more spec compliant.

http://www.khronos.org/webgl/wiki/WebGL_and_OpenGL_Differences is a
start at such documentation. Please take a look and comment. If it
seems like a good idea, this text might be moved into a non-normative
section of the WebGL specification so it is more closely tied to the
behavioral description of WebGL.

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