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[Public WebGL] Exceptions in WebGL

Maybe I'm skimming over it but it doesn't appear there is any language in the current spec about what WebGL functions should throw an exception and under what conditions even though every function is specified has able to throw one.

for example.

ctx.getActiveUniform(validProgram, invalidIndex);   exception or INVALID_VALUE?
ctx.getActiveUniform(null, 0);   // This must be INVALID_VALUE but the spec doesn't stay
ctx.getActiveUniform(validProgramFromDifferenceContext, 0);  // exception or INVALID_VALUE
ctx.getActiveUniform(deletedProgram, 0);  // exception or INVALID_VALUE?
ctx.getActiveUniform(undefined, 0);  // exception or INVALID_VALUE?
ctx.getActiveUniform(texture, 0);  // exception or INVALID_OPERATION

Pretty much every function has the same issues.

Should this be nailed down? Am I just missing the section that covers it?