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RE: [Public WebGL] A Declarative node set for WebGL?

It's a namespace.  The DOM can handle that.

It really shouldn't matter what scene graph or encoding is layered on top of
WebGL.  It's the responsibility of the builder and author to use it

IMO, HTML is exactly the venue to discover it.  HTML isn't exactly a light
nugget itself but if namespaced-based integration using the DOM is the basis
for blending the markup, then it has to work in HTML.

What is more important to interacting with WebGL, HTML or the DOM?  Is the
WebGL developers concept of the DOM defined by the infoset specification?
What limits does HTML place on the WebGL use of the DOM?

As far as standardization goes, it goes according to the standards work.
Some last.  Some don't.  As long as it is doing a job for someone, it has
its own reason to be there.  

What Chris seems to be proposing if I understand this is a special set of
WebGL element types that are more closely bound to WebGL than any existing
scene graph markup or alternative.   Where are there examples of the element
types proposed?



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My 2 cents:

A 3d scene graph layered on top of WebGL (and/or other rendering
backends) in the form of a library: sure, the more the merrier --
WebGL should try to be functional enough to make this work well.

A 3d scene graph standardized into HTML: premature.  Despite many
attempts over the decades, there does not exist a one-size-fits-all
scene graph that is small enough to be a good standard.  Maybe someday
there will be, but HTML standardization is not the venue to discover

One thing I *would* like to see is a good way to reflect an HTML DOM
subtree into a WebGL texture.  I think this would enable practically
all of the worthwhile use cases of DOM in 3D.  If a dominant scene
graph library emerges out of that, then think about standardizing it.


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