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Re: [Public WebGL] A Declarative node set for WebGL?

EVERY new engine builder for the last fifteen years has claimed that. There is only one format still standing and two if you count the late breaking Collada. Whatever claims are made about premature standards, only two things matter: that the format is supported and the content is still playing ten years after the engine is released.

But this leads to a contentious thread unnecessarily. There will be multiple declarative formats running over WebGL engines. The question is does one need to be baked into the WebGL specification or is this an area of competition in which it is harmful to WebGL to favor one. HTML became kudzu that way.


Quoting "Cedric Vivier" <cedricv@neonux.com>:

On Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 1:39 PM, Thatcher Ulrich <tu@tulrich.com> wrote:

A 3d scene graph layered on top of WebGL (and/or other rendering
backends) in the form of a library: sure, the more the merrier --
WebGL should try to be functional enough to make this work well.
(...) If a dominant scenegraph library emerges out of that, then think
about standardizing it.

+1 Premature standardization is root of all evil! ;-)

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