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Re: [Public WebGL] webgl canvas compositing into webpage.

Hi Chris,

Why non-normative?

If you specify something that can't be implemented with OGL ES, I think
you will be making unnecessary difficulties for implementers, especially
those implementing on mobile devices. If OGL h/w is present, it is
likely to be used for page compositing, especially if blending is involved.



On 24/02/2010 07:38, Chris Marrin wrote:
> On Feb 22, 2010, at 6:27 PM, Mark Callow wrote:
>> CLAMP_TO_BORDER is not supported on OGL ES. Therefore WebGL needs to
>> specified CLAMP_TO_EDGE or you won't be able to implement on top of true
>> OpenGL ES.
> The spec doesn't require OpenGL, or even an OpenGL-like renderer be used to do page compositing. So GLES constraints are not the issue here. But I agree with Gregg that consistency is important. So maybe we should add some non-normative text that describes the desired behavior of a page compositor?
> Gregg can you come up with some words about that? 
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