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Re: [Public WebGL] Extension mechanism for WebGL

There hasn't been much discussion about this, but in the interest of reaching closure I'd like to make a more concrete proposal.

I propose we add the following methods to the WebGLRenderingContext object:

	DOMString[ ] getExtensionList();
	object getExtension(in DOMString name);

The getExtensionList method returns an array of all the support extension strings. Any string in this list, when passed to getExtension must return a valid object. Any other string passed to getExtension must return null. The object returned from getExtension contains any constants or functions used by the extension, if any. A returned object may have no constants or functions if the extension does not define any, and the returned object is used simply to indicate that the extension has been enabled. An attempt to use any features of an extension without first calling getExtension to enable it must return the appropriate GL error and must not make use of the feature.

This specification does not define any extensions. Browser specific extensions must have a browser specific prefix, (e.g., "webkit-" or "moz-"). 


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