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Re: [Public WebGL] NPOT (non-power-of-two) textures

Why are you picking on OpenGL ES? The fact that OpenGL ES 2.0 NPOT features are a subset of desktop is not a cause of the problems you are experiencing. Rather the cause is (a) an application bug and (b) laptop hardware that implements a subset of desktop NPOT support ( that seems to be the same as ES 2.0) and a driver that falls back to software when the application exceeds that subset. If you do what Ken has suggested, such application bugs will be found during development not deployment.



Chris Marrin wrote:
Ugh, once again the vagaries of the various OpenGL specs bites me in the ass.  OpenGL ES does not support the same NPOT capabilities as OpenGL! So this is just a matter of properly simulating the GLES NPOT capability in desktop OpenGL. That makes things much easier. So the changes I made to my demos brings them into WebGL spec compliance. Now we just need to fix the WebKit implementation.

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