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Re: [Public WebGL] gl.enable(gl.TEXTURE_2D)

Hi all,

A quick follow-up question:

2010/1/13 Kenneth Russell <kbr@google.com>
TEXTURE_2D is not a valid enable bit in OpenGL ES 2.0 or, consequently, WebGL. The enum was in the EnableCap section only because it was there in the OpenGL ES 2.0 headers. I've moved its definition to the TextureTarget section.

Have there been versions of Chrome (or perhaps WebKit?) where gl.enable(gl.TEXTURE_2D) was erroneously required to enable textures?  A reader of my blog reports that Chrome 4.0.295 seems to need it with a specific OS/graphics card combination -- details here: http://learningwebgl.com/blog/?p=684&cpage=1#comment-787


Giles Thomas