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Re: [Public WebGL] Some WebGL draft feedback

I completely agree with Vlad. I have been dealing with the issues of mixing Java2D rendering and M3G rendering on the same Java Canvas for some time now. It really does complicate the implementation and brings little benefit, especially when you have shaders. Most of the fancy pixel twiddling done by the sequence of APIs Greg used as an example can be achieved in WebGL with shaders and framebuffer objects.



Vladimir Vukicevic wrote:

I still don't like having multiple contexts on <canvas> at all, even with explicit sync points. It complicates implementation for not much benefit, given that the implementation will almost certainly have to do something similar to what the user would already be able to do (copy the framebuffer contents around), but with added complexity -- having to keep the GL context and all associated objects around, for example.

- Vlad
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