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Re: [Public WebGL] Some WebGL draft feedback

On Dec 23, 2009, at 12:34 PM, Carl van Heezik wrote:

I have some questions about the <script> tag for including vertex / fragment shaders in the webpage. I see in the apple demo’s that they use “x-shader/x-vertex” and “x-shader/x-fragment” as script type. Is this the proposed standard type? I would prefer something like “text/glsl” or “text/shader” because its looks more like the existing “text/_javascript_” type.

We are not proposing any mime-types for this. using a mime-type preceeded by 'x-' indicates an experimental type. I am just using it to identify the type of the content of the script.

Is there a way to include binary or encoded shaders. I believe the real power of WebGL will be   in the shaders and I like to protect this.

There is currently no way to define any. The problem is that there is not common format for binary shaders. But since they tend to be small, a shader in source form is not going to be  a limiting factor in downloading WebGL content.

What is the best way to do full screen mode?

That would be a feature of the browser, not of WebGL. There is currently no standard way to put a browser into full-screen mode programatically.