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This is a list of all the WebCL related activities happening on the web. If you know of anything missing or out of date on this list, we invite you to add it or update it.

Frameworks & Implementations

AMD Chromium WebCL

WebCL implementation for Chromium.

Nokia WebCL

The WebCL project exposes OpenCL into JavaScript, allowing web developers to tap into the massive parallel computing resources of modern GPUs, multicore CPUs, and upcoming manycore accelerators.

Samsung WebCL

Samsung open sourced prototype for WebKit. Built in WebCL & WebGL interoperability, i.e. no copying WebCL objects to WebGL and vice versa.

Utilities & Debug Helpers

WebCL Translator

WebCL-translator is an OpenCL to WebCL converter, it's based on the Emscripten LLVM-to-JavaScript compiler.

Tutorials, Technical Whitepapers and How to Guides

Nokia WebCL Tutorials

This series of lessons will introduce you to WebCL programming, starting from the basics like WebCL context creation and kernel compilation.

Presentations, Videos & Demos

2013 WebCL March Meetup Presentation Tasneem Brutch

Nokia Photo Editor Demo

  • Pulls images from local disk, Flickr, etc. and applies cool filter effects in real time, based on state-of-the-art web technologies:
    • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, WebGL, Nokia WebCL Prototype, jQuery, Google Closure

Nokia WebCL Kernel Toy Demo

On-line, interactive WebCL kernel editor

Samsung WebCL Prototype Demo 1 (YouTube)

N-Body Simulation:

  • Calculates the positions and velocities of N particles and animates them
  • Two simulation modes: JavaScript and WebCL
  • Two drawing modes: JavaScript and WebGL with 2D/3D rendering option
  • For 1024 particles, WebCL gets 20~40x faster simulation time on Mac

Samsung WebCL Prototype Demo 2 (YouTube)

Calculates and renders transparent and reflective deformed spheres on top of photo background

  • Performance comparison on Mac JS: ~1 FPS
  • WebCL: 87-116 FPS


Samsung Examples

Samples showing Fractal noise surface deformations and N-Body gravitational interactions, found in the Samsung Open Source prototype for WebKit.

Translator Examples

Somes samples of WebCL-translator, found in the wolfviking0 repositories.