WebCL Overview

WebCL Resources

We believe the true usefulness of WebCL goes beyond the spec itself; it is an ecosystem of tools, documentation, and resources contributed by the community. You are encouraged to get involved and help maintain an up-to-date list of WebCL resources.

Khronos Resources

Frameworks & Implementations

  • Crosswalk Project If you are a developer working with web technologies, the Crosswalk Project enables you to deploy a web application with its own dedicated runtime. As of Beta 14, the Crosswalk Project now supports WebCL.
  • Samsung WebCL Samsung open sourced prototype for WebKit. Built in WebCL & WebGL interoperability, i.e. no copying WebCL objects to WebGL and vice versa.
  • Nokia WebCL The WebCL project exposes OpenCL into JavaScript, allowing web developers to tap into the massive parallel computing resources of modern GPUs, multicore CPUs, and upcoming manycore accelerators.
  • AMD Chromium WebCL WebCL implementation for Chromium.
  • Rivertrail JavaScript which supports Data Parallelism via OpenCL.
  • ETRI Chromium WebCL implementation for Chromium running on Android.

Utilities & Debug Helpers

  • WebCL Translator WebCL-translator is an OpenCL to WebCL converter, it's based on the Emscripten LLVM-to-JavaScript compiler.

Tutorials, Technical Whitepapers and How to Guides

  • Nokia WebCL Tutorials This series of lessons will introduce you to WebCL programming, starting from the basics like WebCL context creation and kernel compilation.

Presentations, Videos & Demos


  • Translator Examples Somes samples of WebCL-translator, found in the wolfviking0 repositories.
  • Samsung Examples Samples showing Fractal noise surface deformations and N-Body gravitational interactions, found in the Samsung Open Source prototype for WebKit.