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WebCL Overview


Heterogeneous parallel computing in HTML5 web browsers

WebCL 1.0 defines a JavaScript binding to the Khronos OpenCL standard for heterogeneous parallel computing. WebCL enables web applications to harness GPU and multi-core CPU parallel processing from within a Web browser, enabling significant acceleration of applications such as image and video processing and advanced physics for WebGL games. WebCL has been developed in close cooperation with the Web community and provides the potential to extend the capabilities of HTML5 browsers to accelerate computationally intensive and rich visual computing applications.

WebCL Resources and Participation

The Khronos Group open process to engage the web community

The Khronos Group welcomes new members to define and drive WebCL

  • If you are interested in joining the Khronos Group, please visit our Member page.

WebCL – Parallel Computing for the Web

  • Khronos launching new WebCL initiative
    • First announced in March 2011
    • API definition already underway
  • JavaScript binding to OpenCL
    • Security is top priority
  • Many use cases
    • Physics engines to complement WebGL
    • Image and video editing in browser
  • Stay close to the OpenCL standard
    • Maximum flexibility
    • Foundation for higher-level middleware