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SYCL Overview

SYCL Resources

We believe the true usefulness of SYCL goes beyond the specification itself; it is an ecosystem of tools, documentation, and resources contributed by the community.

Get involved, submit your resources either with a pull requests on Github or email the webmaster at

Khronos Resources

SYCL News and Resources

  • The latest SYCL news, videos and projects can be found on Khronos News and, the SYCL ecosystem website maintained by Codeplay Software.


  • ComputeCpp - SYCL v1.2.1 conformant implementation by Codeplay Software
  • Intel LLVM SYCL oneAPI DPC++ - an open source implementation of SYCL that is being contributed to the LLVM project
  • hipSYCL - an open source implementation of SYCL over NVIDIA CUDA and AMD HIP
  • triSYCL - an open-source implementation led by Xilinx

Libraries and Frameworks Supporting SYCL

  • SYCL-BLAS - An open source implementation of BLAS using the SYCL open standard for acceleration on OpenCL devices
  • SYCL-DNN - An open source neural network operations library written using the SYCL API
  • SYCL-ML - An open source C++ library implementing classical machine learning algorithms in SYCL
  • SYCL-ParallelSTL - An open source Parallel STL implementation
  • Tensorflow - An implementation of TensorFlow using SYCL


SYCL Talks