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Request for Proprosal

This page lists the projects for which Khronos is currently seeking contractor resources through its Request for Proprosals (RFP) process.   Typical contracted projects include generating conformance tests, creating API tools and SDKs, and catalyzing open source API implementations.   Any company, whether a Khronos member or not, is cordially invited to contact us on the project contact email, and we will be happy to answer any questions and assist you if you wish to submit a proposal.

Khronos NDA
Many RFPs contain Khronos confidential information, in which case the RFP documents will not be posted below, but non-member companies should send an executed copy of the Khronos NDA to the Contact Email listed in the project below with a request for a copy of the RFP document: Download NDA

Khronos Members
If your company is a Khronos member, all RFP information is covered by your membership NDA and is posted directly on the member-only site.

Contractor Agreement
If you are interest to bid, please be aware that all Khronos engineering projects are conducted under the standard Khronos Contractors Agreement. Additionally, contractors will be required to execute the Khronos membership agreement, with membership fees waived, for the duration of the project so they are enabled to participate in Khronos working group meetings.

SYCL Reference


  • Update the SYCL 1.2.1 reference content at to be consistent with the SYCL 2020 specification.
    • Structure and content of the reference pages must be updated to be consistent with SYCL 2020 language constructs and APIs.
    • The format and style of the updated reference guide should match the existing style in the repository, although the SYCL  working group welcomes suggested improvements as long as they are approved by the working group prior to implementation.
    • The reference guide is rendered to HTML and PDF through the Sphinx documentation system, from the reStructuredText markup language source in the SYCL_Reference repository.  The selected contractor should test rendering through Sphinx, but the working group will handle publishing the artifacts (e.g. HTML output) publicly after project completion.
  • The project deliverables are to be provided through multiple pull requests against an agreed upon branch in the KhronosGroup/SYCL_Reference GitHub repository, updating the repository content to match the SYCL 2020 specification and removing SYCL 1.2.1 or other content that does not match the SYCL 2020 specification.  Project progress is to be tracked and reported by the contractor towards the project completion criteria, which are:
    • 100% coverage of SYCL APIs and language features to be included in the reference, measured against the SYCL 2020 specification.
    • No APIs or language features to exist in the reference that are not present in the SYCL 2020 specification.
    • Deprecated language features and APIs should be marked as such in the reference.
    • Each API and language feature must have a description associated that is copied or synthesized from the SYCL 2020 specification.
      • This project does not require creating user friendly descriptions of APIs or language features, because inadvertent misinterpretations are more likely to be incorporated and the scope increase is too aggressive for the project timeline.  Instead, this project intends for suitable text from the SYCL 2020 specification to be copied into the reference when describing APIs and language features.  In many cases the text will need to include information from multiple locations in the specification.
      • The working group welcomes synthesized user friendly descriptions and use examples to be proposed by the selected bidder, and will review pull requests including such descriptions.  But this content is not required as a deliverable and is not a part of project completion criteria.
  • Intentional non-deliverables of this contract are synthesis of user friendly descriptions of APIs/language features, and source code examples of use of features.  Although these aspects are desirable for the ecosystem, this project aims to solve the initial blocking issues that prevent a reference guide from being published in place of outdated reference information.  After this project the working group and community will work to provide more user friendly descriptions and examples.


This project has 4 phases.

Phase 1:

  • In the first phase of the project, the contractor shall examine the existing reference guide (at and propose how it will be updated to align with SYCL 2020.  This phase shall result in a proposed outline for the reference guide, including section and sub-section titles, for the working group to review and approve.  Scheduling of the update work will be proposed, aligning to three phases/milestones, for the SYCL working group to approve.

Phase 2-4:

  • Aligned with the work schedule proposed and agreed upon during Phase 1, the contractor will perform roughly one third of the content update work in each of three phases.  The working group will review and merge pull requests for each of these phases throughout execution of the phase.  The goal of this phased delivery approach is to encourage distribution of content update pull requests over time, such that the working group can review and merge in a timely and responsive manner.

The contractor shall submit the following deliverables at the specified dates.  All deliverables (including verbal and written) are to be in US English.

Ownership and licensing of the work is specified in the Contractor's Agreement.

Estimated Amount of Work: View PDF

Responses Deadline: 6am PDT on Monday, 12 June 2023 

Contact Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

RFP Document: This RFP document contains a detailed outline for this project and is not under NDA:

Download PDF