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Bits which can be set in VkDebugUtilsMessengerCreateInfoEXT::messageSeverity, specifying event severities which cause a debug messenger to call the callback, are:

// Provided by VK_EXT_debug_utils
typedef enum VkDebugUtilsMessageSeverityFlagBitsEXT {
} VkDebugUtilsMessageSeverityFlagBitsEXT;


  • VK_DEBUG_UTILS_MESSAGE_SEVERITY_VERBOSE_BIT_EXT specifies the most verbose output indicating all diagnostic messages from the Vulkan loader, layers, and drivers should be captured.

  • VK_DEBUG_UTILS_MESSAGE_SEVERITY_INFO_BIT_EXT specifies an informational message such as resource details that may be handy when debugging an application.

  • VK_DEBUG_UTILS_MESSAGE_SEVERITY_WARNING_BIT_EXT specifies use of Vulkan that may expose an app bug. Such cases may not be immediately harmful, such as a fragment shader outputting to a location with no attachment. Other cases may point to behavior that is almost certainly bad when unintended such as using an image whose memory has not been filled. In general if you see a warning but you know that the behavior is intended/desired, then simply ignore the warning.

  • VK_DEBUG_UTILS_MESSAGE_SEVERITY_ERROR_BIT_EXT specifies that the application has violated a valid usage condition of the specification.


The values of VkDebugUtilsMessageSeverityFlagBitsEXT are sorted based on severity. The higher the flag value, the more severe the message. This allows for simple boolean operation comparisons when looking at VkDebugUtilsMessageSeverityFlagBitsEXT values.

For example:

        // Do something for warnings and errors

In addition, space has been left between the enums to allow for later addition of new severities in between the existing values.

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