C Specification

To determine whether a queue family of a physical device supports presentation to a Wayland compositor, call:

// Provided by VK_KHR_wayland_surface
VkBool32 vkGetPhysicalDeviceWaylandPresentationSupportKHR(
    VkPhysicalDevice                            physicalDevice,
    uint32_t                                    queueFamilyIndex,
    struct wl_display*                          display);


  • physicalDevice is the physical device.

  • queueFamilyIndex is the queue family index.

  • display is a pointer to the wl_display associated with a Wayland compositor.


This platform-specific function can be called prior to creating a surface.

Valid Usage
  • queueFamilyIndex must be less than pQueueFamilyPropertyCount returned by vkGetPhysicalDeviceQueueFamilyProperties for the given physicalDevice

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • physicalDevice must be a valid VkPhysicalDevice handle

  • display must be a valid pointer to a wl_display value

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