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vkGetPhysicalDeviceSparseImageFormatProperties returns an array of VkSparseImageFormatProperties. Each element will describe properties for one set of image aspects that are bound simultaneously in the image. This is usually one element for each aspect in the image, but for interleaved depth/stencil images there is only one element describing the combined aspects.

// Provided by VK_VERSION_1_0
void vkGetPhysicalDeviceSparseImageFormatProperties(
    VkPhysicalDevice                            physicalDevice,
    VkFormat                                    format,
    VkImageType                                 type,
    VkSampleCountFlagBits                       samples,
    VkImageUsageFlags                           usage,
    VkImageTiling                               tiling,
    uint32_t*                                   pPropertyCount,
    VkSparseImageFormatProperties*              pProperties);


  • physicalDevice is the physical device from which to query the sparse image capabilities.

  • format is the image format.

  • type is the dimensionality of image.

  • samples is the number of samples per texel as defined in VkSampleCountFlagBits.

  • usage is a bitmask describing the intended usage of the image.

  • tiling is the tiling arrangement of the texel blocks in memory.

  • pPropertyCount is a pointer to an integer related to the number of sparse format properties available or queried, as described below.

  • pProperties is either NULL or a pointer to an array of VkSparseImageFormatProperties structures.


If pProperties is NULL, then the number of sparse format properties available is returned in pPropertyCount. Otherwise, pPropertyCount must point to a variable set by the user to the number of elements in the pProperties array, and on return the variable is overwritten with the number of structures actually written to pProperties. If pPropertyCount is less than the number of sparse format properties available, at most pPropertyCount structures will be written.

If VK_IMAGE_CREATE_SPARSE_RESIDENCY_BIT is not supported for the given arguments, pPropertyCount will be set to zero upon return, and no data will be written to pProperties.

Multiple aspects are returned for depth/stencil images that are implemented as separate planes by the implementation. The depth and stencil data planes each have unique VkSparseImageFormatProperties data.

Depth/stencil images with depth and stencil data interleaved into a single plane will return a single VkSparseImageFormatProperties structure with the aspectMask set to VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_DEPTH_BIT | VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_STENCIL_BIT.

Valid Usage
  • samples must be a bit value that is set in VkImageFormatProperties::sampleCounts returned by vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties with format, type, tiling, and usage equal to those in this command and flags equal to the value that is set in VkImageCreateInfo::flags when the image is created

Valid Usage (Implicit)

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