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C Specification

The VkShaderModuleCreateInfo structure is defined as:

// Provided by VK_VERSION_1_0
typedef struct VkShaderModuleCreateInfo {
    VkStructureType              sType;
    const void*                  pNext;
    VkShaderModuleCreateFlags    flags;
    size_t                       codeSize;
    const uint32_t*              pCode;
} VkShaderModuleCreateInfo;


  • sType is the type of this structure.

  • pNext is NULL or a pointer to a structure extending this structure.

  • flags is reserved for future use.

  • codeSize is the size, in bytes, of the code pointed to by pCode.

  • pCode is a pointer to code that is used to create the shader module. The type and format of the code is determined from the content of the memory addressed by pCode.


Valid Usage
  • codeSize must be greater than 0

  • If pCode is a pointer to SPIR-V code, codeSize must be a multiple of 4

  • pCode must point to either valid SPIR-V code, formatted and packed as described by the Khronos SPIR-V Specification or valid GLSL code which must be written to the GL_KHR_vulkan_glsl extension specification

  • If pCode is a pointer to SPIR-V code, that code must adhere to the validation rules described by the Validation Rules within a Module section of the SPIR-V Environment appendix

  • If pCode is a pointer to GLSL code, it must be valid GLSL code written to the GL_KHR_vulkan_glsl GLSL extension specification

  • pCode must declare the Shader capability for SPIR-V code

  • pCode must not declare any capability that is not supported by the API, as described by the Capabilities section of the SPIR-V Environment appendix

  • If pCode declares any of the capabilities listed in the SPIR-V Environment appendix, one of the corresponding requirements must be satisfied

Valid Usage (Implicit)

  • pNext must be NULL or a pointer to a valid instance of VkShaderModuleValidationCacheCreateInfoEXT

  • The sType value of each struct in the pNext chain must be unique

  • flags must be 0

  • pCode must be a valid pointer to an array of uint32_t values

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Document Notes

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