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Bits which can be set in VkRenderingInfoKHR::flags describing additional properties of the render pass are:

// Provided by VK_KHR_dynamic_rendering
typedef enum VkRenderingFlagBitsKHR {
} VkRenderingFlagBitsKHR;


  • VK_RENDERING_CONTENTS_SECONDARY_COMMAND_BUFFERS_BIT_KHR specifies that draw calls for the render pass instance will be recorded in secondary command buffers.

  • VK_RENDERING_RESUMING_BIT_KHR specifies that the render pass instance is resuming an earlier suspended render pass instance.

  • VK_RENDERING_SUSPENDING_BIT_KHR specifies that the render pass instance will be suspended.

The contents of pRenderingInfo must match between suspended render pass instances and the render pass instances that resume them, other than the presence or absence of the VK_RENDERING_RESUMING_BIT_KHR, VK_RENDERING_SUSPENDING_BIT_KHR, and VK_RENDERING_CONTENTS_SECONDARY_COMMAND_BUFFERS_BIT_KHR flags. No action or synchronization commands, or other render pass instances, are allowed between suspending and resuming render pass instances.

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