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C Specification

The VkInputAttachmentAspectReference structure specifies an aspect mask for a specific input attachment of a specific subpass in the render pass.

subpass and inputAttachmentIndex index into the render pass as:


typedef struct VkInputAttachmentAspectReference {
    uint32_t              subpass;
    uint32_t              inputAttachmentIndex;
    VkImageAspectFlags    aspectMask;
} VkInputAttachmentAspectReference;

or the equivalent

typedef VkInputAttachmentAspectReference VkInputAttachmentAspectReferenceKHR;


  • subpass is an index into the pSubpasses array of the parent VkRenderPassCreateInfo structure.

  • inputAttachmentIndex is an index into the pInputAttachments of the specified subpass.

  • aspectMask is a mask of which aspect(s) can be accessed within the specified subpass.


Valid Usage
  • aspectMask must not include VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_METADATA_BIT

  • aspectMask must not include VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_MEMORY_PLANE_i_BIT_EXT for any index i

Valid Usage (Implicit)

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