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C Specification

The VkIndirectCommandsStreamNV structure specifies the input data for one or more tokens at processing time.

// Provided by VK_NV_device_generated_commands
typedef struct VkIndirectCommandsStreamNV {
    VkBuffer        buffer;
    VkDeviceSize    offset;
} VkIndirectCommandsStreamNV;


  • buffer specifies the VkBuffer storing the functional arguments for each sequence. These arguments can be written by the device.

  • offset specified an offset into buffer where the arguments start.


Valid Usage
  • The buffer’s usage flag must have the VK_BUFFER_USAGE_INDIRECT_BUFFER_BIT bit set

  • The offset must be aligned to VkPhysicalDeviceDeviceGeneratedCommandsPropertiesNV::minIndirectCommandsBufferOffsetAlignment

  • If buffer is non-sparse then it must be bound completely and contiguously to a single VkDeviceMemory object

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • buffer must be a valid VkBuffer handle

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