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Possible values of VkPipelineCoverageReductionStateCreateInfoNV::coverageReductionMode, specifying how the coverage mask is reduced to color sample mask, are:

// Provided by VK_NV_coverage_reduction_mode
typedef enum VkCoverageReductionModeNV {
} VkCoverageReductionModeNV;


  • VK_COVERAGE_REDUCTION_MODE_MERGE_NV: In this mode, there is an implementation-dependent association of each coverage sample to a color sample. The reduced color sample mask is computed such that the bit for each color sample is 1 if any of the associated bits in the fragment’s coverage is on, and 0 otherwise.

  • VK_COVERAGE_REDUCTION_MODE_TRUNCATE_NV: In this mode, only the first M coverage samples are associated with the color samples such that sample index i maps to color sample index i, where M is the number of color samples.

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