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  • Requires Vulkan 1.0

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  • Deprecated without replacement

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  • Piers Daniell, NVIDIA


This extension allows GLSL shaders written to the GL_KHR_vulkan_glsl extension specification to be used instead of SPIR-V. The implementation will automatically detect whether the shader is SPIR-V or GLSL, and compile it appropriately.

New Enum Constants

  • Extending VkResult:



Functionality in this extension is outside of the scope of Vulkan and is better served by a compiler library such as glslang. No new implementations will support this extension, so applications should not use it.


Example 1

Passing in GLSL code

    char const vss[] =
        "#version 450 core\n"
        "layout(location = 0) in vec2 aVertex;\n"
        "layout(location = 1) in vec4 aColor;\n"
        "out vec4 vColor;\n"
        "void main()\n"
        "    vColor = aColor;\n"
        "    gl_Position = vec4(aVertex, 0, 1);\n"
    VkShaderModuleCreateInfo vertexShaderInfo = { VK_STRUCTURE_TYPE_SHADER_MODULE_CREATE_INFO };
    vertexShaderInfo.codeSize = sizeof vss;
    vertexShaderInfo.pCode = vss;
    VkShaderModule vertexShader;
    vkCreateShaderModule(device, &vertexShaderInfo, 0, &vertexShader);

Version History

  • Revision 1, 2016-02-14 (Piers Daniell)

    • Initial draft

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