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  • Jeff Bolz, NVIDIA

  • Markus Tavenrath, NVIDIA

  • Daniel Koch, NVIDIA


This extension adds support for using cooperative matrix types in SPIR-V. Cooperative matrix types are medium-sized matrices that are primarily supported in compute shaders, where the storage for the matrix is spread across all invocations in some scope (usually a subgroup) and those invocations cooperate to efficiently perform matrix multiplies.

Cooperative matrix types are defined by the SPV_NV_cooperative_matrix SPIR-V extension and can be used with the GL_NV_cooperative_matrix GLSL extension.

This extension includes support for enumerating the matrix types and dimensions that are supported by the implementation.

New Object Types


New Enum Constants

  • Extending VkStructureType:




New SPIR-V Capabilities


(1) What matrix properties will be supported in practice?

RESOLVED: In NVIDIA’s initial implementation, we will support:

  • AType = BType = fp16 CType = DType = fp16 MxNxK = 16x8x16 scope = Subgroup

  • AType = BType = fp16 CType = DType = fp16 MxNxK = 16x8x8 scope = Subgroup

  • AType = BType = fp16 CType = DType = fp32 MxNxK = 16x8x16 scope = Subgroup

  • AType = BType = fp16 CType = DType = fp32 MxNxK = 16x8x8 scope = Subgroup

Version History

  • Revision 1, 2019-02-05 (Jeff Bolz)

    • Internal revisions

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