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  • Sandeep Shinde, NVIDIA

  • James Jones, NVIDIA

  • Daniel Koch, NVIDIA


This extension extends VkSurfaceCapabilities2KHR, providing applications a way to query whether swapchains can be created with the VK_SWAPCHAIN_CREATE_PROTECTED_BIT_KHR flag set.

Vulkan 1.1 added (optional) support for protect memory and protected resources including buffers (VK_BUFFER_CREATE_PROTECTED_BIT), images (VK_IMAGE_CREATE_PROTECTED_BIT), and swapchains (VK_SWAPCHAIN_CREATE_PROTECTED_BIT_KHR). However, on implementations which support multiple windowing systems, not all window systems may be able to provide a protected display path.

This extension provides a way to query if a protected swapchain created for a surface (and thus a specific windowing system) can be displayed on screen. It extends the existing VkSurfaceCapabilities2KHR structure with a new VkSurfaceProtectedCapabilitiesKHR structure from which the application can obtain information about support for protected swapchain creation through vkGetPhysicalDeviceSurfaceCapabilities2KHR.

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  • Extending VkStructureType:


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  • Revision 1, 2018-12-18 (Sandeep Shinde, Daniel Koch)

    • Internal revisions.

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