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  • Requires Vulkan 1.0

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  • Karl Schultz, LunarG

  • Dave Houlton, LunarG

  • Mark Lobodzinski, LunarG

  • Camden Stocker, LunarG

  • Tony Barbour, LunarG

  • John Zulauf, LunarG


This extension provides the VkValidationFeaturesEXT struct that can be included in the pNext chain of the VkInstanceCreateInfo structure passed as the pCreateInfo parameter of vkCreateInstance. The structure contains an array of VkValidationFeatureEnableEXT enum values that enable specific validation features that are disabled by default. The structure also contains an array of VkValidationFeatureDisableEXT enum values that disable specific validation layer features that are enabled by default.


The VK_EXT_validation_features extension subsumes all the functionality provided in the VK_EXT_validation_flags extension.

New Structures

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  • Extending VkStructureType:


Version History

  • Revision 1, 2018-11-14 (Karl Schultz)

    • Initial revision

  • Revision 2, 2019-08-06 (Mark Lobodzinski)

    • Add Best Practices enable

  • Revision 3, 2020-03-04 (Tony Barbour)

    • Add Debug Printf enable

  • Revision 4, 2020-07-29 (John Zulauf)

    • Add Synchronization Validation enable

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