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Once a VkDescriptorUpdateTemplate has been created, descriptor sets can be updated by calling:

void vkUpdateDescriptorSetWithTemplate(
    VkDevice                                    device,
    VkDescriptorSet                             descriptorSet,
    VkDescriptorUpdateTemplate                  descriptorUpdateTemplate,
    const void*                                 pData);

or the equivalent command

void vkUpdateDescriptorSetWithTemplateKHR(
    VkDevice                                    device,
    VkDescriptorSet                             descriptorSet,
    VkDescriptorUpdateTemplate                  descriptorUpdateTemplate,
    const void*                                 pData);


  • device is the logical device that updates the descriptor sets.

  • descriptorSet is the descriptor set to update

  • descriptorUpdateTemplate is a VkDescriptorUpdateTemplate object specifying the update mapping between pData and the descriptor set to update.

  • pData is a pointer to memory containing one or more VkDescriptorImageInfo, VkDescriptorBufferInfo, or VkBufferView structures used to write the descriptors.


Valid Usage
Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • device must be a valid VkDevice handle

  • descriptorSet must be a valid VkDescriptorSet handle

  • descriptorUpdateTemplate must be a valid VkDescriptorUpdateTemplate handle

  • descriptorUpdateTemplate must have been created, allocated, or retrieved from device

Host Synchronization
  • Host access to descriptorSet must be externally synchronized

API example
struct AppBufferView {
    VkBufferView bufferView;
    uint32_t     applicationRelatedInformation;

struct AppDataStructure
    VkDescriptorImageInfo  imageInfo;          // a single image info
    VkDescriptorBufferInfo bufferInfoArray[3]; // 3 buffer infos in an array
    AppBufferView          bufferView[2];      // An application defined structure containing a bufferView
    // ... some more application related data

const VkDescriptorUpdateTemplateEntry descriptorUpdateTemplateEntries[] =
    // binding to a single image descriptor
        0,                                           // binding
        0,                                           // dstArrayElement
        1,                                           // descriptorCount
        offsetof(AppDataStructure, imageInfo),       // offset
        0                                            // stride is not required if descriptorCount is 1

    // binding to an array of buffer descriptors
        1,                                           // binding
        0,                                           // dstArrayElement
        3,                                           // descriptorCount
        VK_DESCRIPTOR_TYPE_UNIFORM_BUFFER,           // descriptorType
        offsetof(AppDataStructure, bufferInfoArray), // offset
        sizeof(VkDescriptorBufferInfo)               // stride, descriptor buffer infos are compact

    // binding to an array of buffer views
        2,                                           // binding
        0,                                           // dstArrayElement
        2,                                           // descriptorCount
        VK_DESCRIPTOR_TYPE_STORAGE_TEXEL_BUFFER,     // descriptorType
        offsetof(AppDataStructure, bufferView) +
          offsetof(AppBufferView, bufferView),       // offset
        sizeof(AppBufferView)                        // stride, bufferViews do not have to be compact

// create a descriptor update template for descriptor set updates
const VkDescriptorUpdateTemplateCreateInfo createInfo =
    NULL,                                                      // pNext
    0,                                                         // flags
    3,                                                         // descriptorUpdateEntryCount
    descriptorUpdateTemplateEntries,                           // pDescriptorUpdateEntries
    myLayout,                                                  // descriptorSetLayout
    0,                                                         // pipelineBindPoint, ignored by given templateType
    0,                                                         // pipelineLayout, ignored by given templateType
    0,                                                         // set, ignored by given templateType

VkDescriptorUpdateTemplate myDescriptorUpdateTemplate;
myResult = vkCreateDescriptorUpdateTemplate(

AppDataStructure appData;

// fill appData here or cache it in your engine
vkUpdateDescriptorSetWithTemplate(myDevice, myDescriptorSet, myDescriptorUpdateTemplate, &appData);

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