C Specification

typedef struct VkObjectTableDescriptorSetEntryNVX {
    VkObjectEntryTypeNVX          type;
    VkObjectEntryUsageFlagsNVX    flags;
    VkPipelineLayout              pipelineLayout;
    VkDescriptorSet               descriptorSet;
} VkObjectTableDescriptorSetEntryNVX;


  • pipelineLayout specifies the VkPipelineLayout that the descriptorSet is used with.

  • descriptorSet specifies the VkDescriptorSet that can be bound with this entry.


Valid Usage

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • type must be a valid VkObjectEntryTypeNVX value

  • flags must be a valid combination of VkObjectEntryUsageFlagBitsNVX values

  • flags must not be 0

  • pipelineLayout must be a valid VkPipelineLayout handle

  • descriptorSet must be a valid VkDescriptorSet handle

  • Both of descriptorSet, and pipelineLayout must have been created, allocated, or retrieved from the same VkDevice

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