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Possible values of vkCmdCopyAccelerationStructureNV::mode, specifying additional operations to perform during the copy, are:

typedef enum VkCopyAccelerationStructureModeNV {
} VkCopyAccelerationStructureModeNV;


  • VK_COPY_ACCELERATION_STRUCTURE_MODE_CLONE_NV creates a direct copy of the acceleration structure specified in src into the one specified by dst. The dst acceleration structure must have been created with the same parameters as src.

  • VK_COPY_ACCELERATION_STRUCTURE_MODE_COMPACT_NV creates a more compact version of an acceleration structure src into dst. The acceleration structure dst must have been created with a compactedSize corresponding to the one returned by vkCmdWriteAccelerationStructuresPropertiesNV after the build of the acceleration structure specified by src.

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