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In order to bind planes of a disjoint image, include a VkBindImagePlaneMemoryInfo structure in the pNext chain of VkBindImageMemoryInfo.

The VkBindImagePlaneMemoryInfo structure is defined as:

typedef struct VkBindImagePlaneMemoryInfo {
    VkStructureType          sType;
    const void*              pNext;
    VkImageAspectFlagBits    planeAspect;
} VkBindImagePlaneMemoryInfo;

or the equivalent

typedef VkBindImagePlaneMemoryInfo VkBindImagePlaneMemoryInfoKHR;


  • sType is the type of this structure.

  • pNext is NULL or a pointer to an extension-specific structure.

  • planeAspect is the aspect of the disjoint image plane to bind.


Valid Usage
  • If the image’s tiling is VK_IMAGE_TILING_LINEAR or VK_IMAGE_TILING_OPTIMAL, then planeAspect must be a single valid format plane for the image. (That is, planeAspect must be VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_PLANE_0_BIT or VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_PLANE_1_BIT for “_2PLANE” formats and planeAspect must be VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_PLANE_0_BIT, VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_PLANE_1_BIT, or VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_PLANE_2_BIT for “_3PLANE” formats.)

  • If the image’s tiling is VK_IMAGE_TILING_DRM_FORMAT_MODIFIER_EXT, then planeAspect must be a single valid memory plane for the image. (That is, aspectMask must specify a plane index that is less than the drmFormatModifierPlaneCount associated with the image’s format and drmFormatModifier.)

  • A single call to vkBindImageMemory2 must bind all or none of the planes of an image (i.e. bindings to all planes of an image must be made in a single vkBindImageMemory2 call), as separate bindings

Valid Usage (Implicit)

  • planeAspect must be a valid VkImageAspectFlagBits value

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