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Bits which can be set in an aspect mask to specify aspects of an image for purposes such as identifying a subresource, are:

typedef enum VkImageAspectFlagBits {
    VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_COLOR_BIT = 0x00000001,
    VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_DEPTH_BIT = 0x00000002,
} VkImageAspectFlagBits;


  • VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_COLOR_BIT specifies the color aspect.

  • VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_DEPTH_BIT specifies the depth aspect.

  • VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_STENCIL_BIT specifies the stencil aspect.

  • VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_METADATA_BIT specifies the metadata aspect, used for sparse sparse resource operations.

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