C Specification

The XrPassthroughStyleFB structure is defined as:

typedef struct XrPassthroughStyleFB {
    XrStructureType    type;
    const void*        next;
    float              textureOpacityFactor;
    XrColor4f          edgeColor;
} XrPassthroughStyleFB;


Member Descriptions
  • type is the XrStructureType of this structure.

  • next is NULL or a pointer to the next structure in a structure chain.

  • textureOpacityFactor is the opacity of the passthrough imagery in the range [0, 1].

  • edgeColor is the XrColor4f that defines the edge rendering color. Edges are detected in the original passthrough imagery and rendered on top of it. Edge rendering is disabled when the alpha value of edgeColor is zero.


XrPassthroughStyleFB lets applications customize the appearance of passthrough layers. In addition to the parameters specified here, applications may add one of the following structures to the structure chain: XrPassthroughColorMapMonoToRgbaFB, XrPassthroughColorMapMonoToMonoFB, XrPassthroughBrightnessContrastSaturationFB. These structures are mutually exclusive. The runtime must return XR_ERROR_VALIDATION_FAILURE if more than one of them are present in the structure chain.

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