C Specification

The XrCompositionLayerProjection structure is defined as:

typedef struct XrCompositionLayerProjection {
    XrStructureType                            type;
    const void* XR_MAY_ALIAS                   next;
    XrCompositionLayerFlags                    layerFlags;
    XrSpace                                    space;
    uint32_t                                   viewCount;
    const XrCompositionLayerProjectionView*    views;
} XrCompositionLayerProjection;


Member Descriptions



Because a runtime may reproject the layer over time, a projection layer should specify an XrSpace in which to maximize stability of the layer content. For example, a projection layer containing world-locked content should use a XrSpace which is also world-locked, such as the LOCAL or STAGE reference spaces. In the case that the projection layer should be head-locked, such as a heads up display, the VIEW reference space would provide the highest quality layer reprojection.

Valid Usage (Implicit)

  • next must be NULL

  • layerFlags must be 0 or a valid combination of XrCompositionLayerFlagBits values

  • space must be a valid XrSpace handle

  • viewCount must be a valid uint32_t value

  • views must be a pointer to an array of viewCount valid XrCompositionLayerProjectionView structures

  • viewCount must be greater than 0

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