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 Vision FunctionsThese are the base vision functions supported in OpenVX 1.0
 Absolute DifferenceComputes the absolute difference between two images
 AccumulateAccumulates an input image into output image
 Accumulate SquaredAccumulates a squared value from an input image to an output image
 Accumulate WeightedAccumulates a weighted value from an input image to an output image
 Arithmetic AdditionPerforms addition between two images
 Arithmetic SubtractionPerforms subtraction between two images
 Bitwise ANDPerforms a bitwise AND operation between two VX_DF_IMAGE_U8 images
 Bitwise EXCLUSIVE ORPerforms a bitwise EXCLUSIVE OR (XOR) operation between two VX_DF_IMAGE_U8 images
 Bitwise INCLUSIVE ORPerforms a bitwise INCLUSIVE OR operation between two VX_DF_IMAGE_U8 images
 Bitwise NOTPerforms a bitwise NOT operation on a VX_DF_IMAGE_U8 input image
 Box FilterComputes a Box filter over a window of the input image
 Canny Edge DetectorProvides a Canny edge detector kernel
 Channel CombineImplements the Channel Combine Kernel
 Channel ExtractImplements the Channel Extraction Kernel
 Color ConvertImplementes the Color Conversion Kernel
 Convert Bit depthConverts image bit depth
 Custom ConvolutionConvolves the input with the client supplied convolution matrix
 Dilate ImageImplements Dilation, which grows the white space in a VX_DF_IMAGE_U8 Boolean image
 Equalize HistogramEqualizes the histogram of a grayscale image
 Erode ImageImplements Erosion, which shrinks the white space in a VX_DF_IMAGE_U8 Boolean image
 Fast CornersComputes the corners in an image using a method based upon FAST9 algorithm suggested in [3] and with some updates from [4] with modifications described below
 Gaussian FilterComputes a Gaussian filter over a window of the input image
 Harris CornersComputes the Harris Corners of an image
 HistogramGenerates a distribution from an image
 Gaussian Image PyramidComputes a Gaussian Image Pyramid from an input image
 Integral ImageComputes the integral image of the input
 MagnitudeImplements the Gradient Magnitude Computation Kernel
 Mean and Standard DeviationComputes the mean pixel value and the standard deviation of the pixels in the input image (which has a dimension width and height)
 Median FilterComputes a median pixel value over a window of the input image
 Min, Max LocationFinds the minimum and maximum values in an image and a location for each
 Optical Flow Pyramid (LK)Computes the optical flow using the Lucas-Kanade method between two pyramid images
 PhaseImplements the Gradient Phase Computation Kernel
 Pixel-wise MultiplicationPerforms element-wise multiplication between two images and a scalar value
 RemapMaps output pixels in an image from input pixels in an image
 Scale ImageImplements the Image Resizing Kernel
 Sobel 3x3Implements the Sobel Image Filter Kernel
 TableLookupImplements the Table Lookup Image Kernel
 ThresholdingThresholds an input image and produces an output Boolean image
 Warp AffinePerforms an affine transform on an image
 Warp PerspectivePerforms a perspective transform on an image
 Basic FeaturesThe basic parts of OpenVX needed for computation
 ObjectsDefines the basic objects within OpenVX
 Object: ReferenceDefines the Reference Object interface
 Object: ContextDefines the Context Object Interface
 Object: GraphDefines the Graph Object interface
 Object: NodeDefines the Node Object interface
 Object: ArrayDefines the Array Object Interface
 Object: ConvolutionDefines the Image Convolution Object interface
 Object: DistributionDefines the Distribution Object Interface
 Object: ImageDefines the Image Object interface
 Object: LUTDefines the Look-Up Table Interface
 Object: MatrixDefines the Matrix Object Interface
 Object: PyramidDefines the Image Pyramid Object Interface
 Object: RemapDefines the Remap Object Interface
 Object: ScalarDefines the Scalar Object interface
 Object: ThresholdDefines the Threshold Object Interface
 Administrative FeaturesDefines the Administrative Features of OpenVX
 Advanced Objects
 Object: Array (Advanced)Defines the advanced features of the Array Interface
 Object: Node (Advanced)Defines the advanced features of the Node Interface
 Node: Border ModesDefines the border mode behaviors
 Object: DelayDefines the Delay Object interface
 Object: KernelDefines the Kernel Object and Interface
 Object: ParameterDefines the Parameter Object interface
 Advanced Framework APIDescribes components that are considered to be advanced
 Framework: Node CallbacksAllows Clients to receive a callback after a specific node has completed execution
 Framework: Performance MeasurementDefines Performance measurement and reporting interfaces
 Framework: LogDefines the debug logging interface
 Framework: HintsDefines the Hints Interface
 Framework: DirectivesDefines the Directives Interface
 Framework: User KernelsDefines the User Kernels, which are a method to extend OpenVX with new vision functions
 Framework: Graph ParametersDefines the Graph Parameter API